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ARWLWA are a community weightlifting club located in Cloverdale, Perth, Western Australia. We are an affiliate association of International All-Round Weightlifting Association (IAWA) and compete regularly in local and international weightlifting competitions.  Please have a browse through our website, check out our Facebook page and YouTube channel and come down to meets to see what we're all about!

IAWA World Championships 2017

Worlds is done and dusted for another year! See the writes up by John Mahon here and Al Myers' take on Worlds 2017 here!

All Round Weightlifting WA Incorporated, caters for all ages, male & female, with 7 days access to the training room during business hours 10am to 10pm.

Our aim is to provide the best possible service to our members and assist them in their lifting endeavours.

Next Event

19 November 2017  |  Belmont Strength Events  |  BSRC

Keg for height          

Giant Dumber Press

Trap Bar Deadlift     

Stone Loading      

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