2017 ARWLWA Calendar

 Date                                Lifts                                                  Location

12/02/17                Pete's Barefoot Competition                            Helena Valley

                              3 1/2 " Dumbbell Walk

                              Peoples Deadlift

                              KB weight for distance

                              2 1/2" dumbbell clean and press

12/03/17                 Strength Events                                             BSRC

                                Weight for distance

                                Hammer throw

                                Axel lift

                                3" Bar deadlift


02/04/17                 Records Breaker                                           BSRC

14/05/17                   BSRC Shield                                                 BSRC

                                 One Hand D/B swing

                                 Barbell Clean and Pres

                                 Ciavatone Deadlift

18/06/17                   All-Round Olympics                                      BSRC

                               Snatch 2" bar

                              Clean and Jerk 2" bar

                               Straddle Deadlift 2" bar

2/07/17                  Old Time Strongman (OTSM)

                               Anderson Squat

                               Apollons Lift

                               Dinnie Lift

13/08/17                ARWLWA Australian Championships                   BSRC

                             Cheat Curl

                             One Hand D/B Snatch

                             One Hand 2' Vertical Lift

                             Hand and Thigh Lift

30/9/17 -1/10/17     IAWA World Championship PERTH, WA                               BSRC

      DAY 1               Cheat Curl

                             One Hand Dumbbell Snatch

                             2" One Hand Vertical Lift

                             Bench Press Feet In Air

     Day 2

                             2" Barbell Clean and Press

                            One Hand Hack Lift

                            2" Straddle Deadlift

19/11/17                Belmont Strength Events                                 BSRC

                             Keg for height

                             Giant DumbeL Press

                             Trap Bar Deadlift

                             Stone Loading

10/12/17                AGM and BBQ                                                Warnbro

BSRC: Belmont Sport and Recreation Club,Corner Abernathy Road and Keane Street Cloverdale




All Round Weightlifting WA Incorporated, caters for all ages, male & female, with 7 days access to the training room during business hours 10am to 10pm.

Our aim is to provide the best possible service to our members and assist them in their lifting endeavours.

Forms are online on the Downloads page or at the gym.

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