ARWLWA 2016 Calender
Date                    Lifts                                                               Venue                                                                                    
20/03/2016          Clean and Press Alternate grip                            BSRC
                         One Hand Deadlift    
                         Continental Clean    
08/05/2016       BSRC Shield                                                         BSRC  Note date change due to room facilities access for competition
                          Clean and press    
                          One Hand Dumbbell Swing    
                          Ciavattone Deadlift    

12/06/2016         Strength Events Meet - Heavy Lifts
                         Hand and Thigh                                                 BSRC
                         Deanna Lift    
                         Hip Lift    
3/07/2016         Old Time Strongman                                            Warnbro
                       Anderson Press    
                       Dinnie Lift    
                       Peoples Deadlift    
21/08/2016         Australian Championship    
                        One Hand Clean and Jerk                                      BSRC
                        Bench Press Feet In Air    
                        Phillips Deadlift    
                        Hand and Thigh Lift    
18/09/2016          Armadale Highland Gathering                                Minnawarra Park
8th & 9th October   IAWA World Championships                                Lebanon PA USA
               Day 1      Continental Clean    
                            Pullover and Push    
                            2" 2hand vertical bars    
              Day 2      Alternate grip Clean and Press    
                           Barbell One Hand Clean & Jerk    
                           2 hand Ciavattone Deadlift    

22/10/2016       IAWA GOLD  CUP                                                     Kansas USA
20/11/2016       Strength Events Meet    
                          Keg Toss / Over the bar                                         BSRC
                          Dumbbell Clean and Jerk    
                          Deadlift Hold    
                          Loading the Stones 

Entry forms for each competition will be available online on the DOWNLOADS PAGE UNDER 2016 COMPETITION FORMS


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Our aim is to provide the best possible service to our members and assist them in their lifting endeavours.

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