Membership Forms

Please note that all members must be current ARWLWA and BSRC members to use the club facilities and compete in ARWLWA competitions

ARWLWA uses the international rules as set by IAWA.

The USAWA rulebook is provided as a reference if you are interested in having a look at some of the lifts unique to the USA association. Please note the USAWA rule do differ from the IAWA rules significantly enough to have a lift failed if you follow USAWA in our ARWLWA competitions.

IAWA Rules Oct 2014 UPDATED.pdf IAWA Rules Oct 2014 UPDATED.pdf
Size : 1230.128 Kb
Type : pdf
USAWA RULEBOOK-8th-Edition 2014.pdf USAWA RULEBOOK-8th-Edition 2014.pdf
Size : 7232.009 Kb
Type : pdf